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Steven Sashen & Lena Phoenix, Co-Founders

Steven Sashen and Lena Phoenix, Co-Founders

Steven and Lena are husband and wife (I’m assuming you can guess which is which) and life-long entrepreneurs.

Steven is the visionary and marketer for Xero Shoes. He is a Masters All-American sprinter (one of the fastest men over the age of 50 in the US) and former All-American gymnast. He was also a professional stand-up comic, cognitive psychology researcher, and taught Tai Chi and Zen Archery. Steven is also the creator of Scriptware, the industry-standard word processor for film and TV writers.

Lena is an avid hiker. In her previous life she created and sold a home mortgage company, and has managed the back-end of numerous companies. She’s the glue that keeps Xero Shoes from busting at the proverbial seams as it grows, taking care of all things logistical and numeric.

If you want a good laugh and some insight into Steven and Lena’s relationship, read the story of how Xero Shoes began.

David Barnhill, President and Chief Financial Officer

David is passionate about finance and providing great business intelligence to the organization to grow and thrive. Over the last 15 years, David has been the chief financial executive in multiple industries including property management, software development, and e-commerce. Before that, David obtained his doctorate in Environmental Science. He loves all that Colorado offers, especially the beautiful mountains for hiking, camping and off-roading.
Michael Pao, Chief Product Officer

Michael Pao, Chief Product Officer

Michael leads the product team, who expands and innovates Xero Shoes’ “foot first” designs into new categories based on his extensive knowledge and experience in casual and performance footwear. He has worked in footwear marketing and management for global brands including Hummel, Adidas, PUMA, Crocs, Clarks, and most recently, Timberland. Prior to his career in product, Pao played soccer professionally across Asia.

Brighton Wang, Chief Operating Officer

Brighton dedicates his days promoting ideas creation and execution from an exquisitely blended team of uber experienced footwear professionals and super talented & energetic Customer Happiness Teams. At Xero Shoes, we drive an environment where EVERYONE is encouraged and safe to voice their most forward thinking, riskiest ideas.

Brighton then challenges our team to execute those ideas with a disciplined focus and commitment to our Customers, our Team Members, our Partners worldwide, the Communities we are all a part of, and the Environment we are all custodians of.

In his spare time, Brighton enjoys showing off new Xero Shoes product ideas on the nature and urban trails of Colorado adding members to the Xero family one at a time.

Jody Eichler, VP of Digital Marketing

Jody Eichler, VP of Digital Marketing

Jody has more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing where she’s led interactive, full-scale B2B and B2C campaigns. She’s a pioneer in the SEO field and her marketing tactics have improved campaigns and led to increased sales leads.

John Wadley, VP of Footwear Development

John Wadley, VP of Footwear Development

John leads Xero Shoes’ product development staff, liaising with Product Design, Product Management and Operational counterparts to continue innovating the brand’s growing line of barefoot-inspired footwear. He brings extensive knowledge and experience in performance running, trail running, and hiking shoe construction. Prior to Xero Shoes, Wadley played an instrumental role in fueling VF Corp brand, Altra’s, growth over the past 10 years.

Barbara O'Neil, Director of Employee Development

Barbara O’Neil, Director of Employee Development

Identifying and developing an individual’s talent and strengths brings passion to the business of people operations. As the HR Manager, Barbara’s experience as an educator, executive director, fundraiser and program director over the last 30 years has found its fit with Xero Shoes.

Having the opportunity to work with creative, innovative and collaborative staff across the company, Barbara’s knowledge and passion for emotionally intelligent growth among individuals and teams makes her work at Xero both wonderfully challenging and deeply rewarding.

Her favorite performance shoes – The Mesa Trail or the HFS.

The pair that she cannot do without—the Phoenix, with a shoe goal of every color and iteration of this style!

Dan Dougherty, EU Managing Director

Dan Dougherty, EU Managing Director

Dan spearheads Xero Shoes’ European and UK entities, as well as the global wholesale strategy. Headquartered in Prague, Dan works with sales reps and distributors worldwide to bring Xero Shoes to more countries.

Xero Shoes team at the Showroom's Grand Opening

The Xero Shoes Team!

Okay, we’ll get individual pics up here soon of our Customer Happiness Team, Sales Team, Warehouse Team, Product Team, and everyone else.

But until then, here’s the group shot of the bipeds that are here to help you LIVE LIFE FEET FIRST!

Corporate Group Parent:

Feel the World, Inc./Xero Shoes
100 Technology Drive, Suite C-315
Broomfield, CO 80021, USA

Controlled Entities:

Feel The World EU B.V.
De Boelelaan 30
1083 HJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Xero Shoes EU s.r.o.
Vinohradska 25
120 00 Prague
Czech Republic
+420 228 880 373