Father’s Day Gift Guide: Comfort and Style for Every Man in Your Life

Men are notoriously difficult to shop for – which is why Father’s Day can be such a puzzle. But here are two things we can pretty confidently say about men: They appreciate comfort Once they find something comfortable, they use it… A LOT A foot-friendly, durable pair of barefoot shoes fits the bill on both counts. No […]

Are Cushioned Shoes Bad for Your Joints?

ARE CUSHIONED SHOES BAD FOR YOUR JOINTS? Big shoe companies will try to tell you that all that padding and “motion control” technology is helping to protect you from impact.  A new study from Oregon State University found the opposite. You can read all about it in this New York Times article: “Super-Cushioned Running Shoes are […]

The Perfect Shoes for Every Type of Summer Adventure

Have big plans this summer? No matter if it’s a trip, a trek, or relaxing on the beach, you’ll enjoy it more in foot-friendly shoes that are made for the job.  Where is your next adventure taking you? Like matching a fine wine with an outdoor meal, here’s how to match your summer adventure of […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Perfect Xero Shoes For Every Woman in Your Life

Being a mom is many things, but “easy” generally isn’t one of them. But a truly comfortable pair of shoes makes every daily challenge a little more manageable – and every fun activity just a little more enjoyable. Hmmm… more manageable and enjoyable… doesn’t that sound like exactly the kind of gift the mom (or […]

From Fighting Cancer to Running 80 Ultra-Marathons

Movement was a healing power for ultra-runner, Randy Kreill. In this episode of the Movement Movement podcast, Kreil shares his incredible story of coming back from thyroid cancer in his 40s, and finding new inspiration in ultrarunning. To date, he’s run over 80 ultra-marathons, including 13 in 2019 alone, all in minimalist footwear. Xero Shoes […]


One of our latest releases, the Sunrise, was recently featured in Gear Junkie’s Emerging Gear article. “Xero Shoes makes a lot of impressively lightweight shoes, but the new Sunrise is the all-time lightest. At 5.9 ounces in a men’s 9, the Sunrise is a minimalist slip-on camp shoe with a fold-down heel and a microsuede […]


Introducing the Speed Force Eco: The Most Sustainable Shoe Ever MadeWatch this video on YouTube Not quite as eco-friendly but still awesome road shoes: Speed Force BUY HERE Forza Runner BUY HERE Prio BUY HERE HFS BUY HERE

tips keep shoes clean

Tips to Clean Your White Shoes

Use this three-step Xero Shoes-approved process to keep your shoes looking their best. No fancy equipment needed! If you have a brand new shoe and you want to give it the most dirt protection possible,  consider using a protectant spray like Jason Markk Shoe Protector Shoe Repellant Spray. Cleaning Advice Here’s how the designers and Customer […]

Born To Run


Fifteen years ago, Christopher McDougall’s iconic book Born to Run changed our ideas of running technique, and running footwear, forever. But McDougall and Eric Orton, his running coach and recent co-author of Born to Run 2: The Ultimate Training Guide, haven’t ever officially partnered with a running shoe company. UNTIL NOW. On April 13th, Xero […]