4 Natural Movement Techniques to Try For Yourself (Videos)

Reconnect with Your Body: Discover Natural Movement Erwan Le Corre Provides 4 Techniques to Help Optimize Natural Movement  In a world where our lives are increasingly sedentary, finding our way back to the basics of movement is not just refreshing—it’s essential.  Erwan Le Corre founded MovNat, a physical education and fitness method for real-world physical […]

Are Barefoot Shoes Beneficial for Active Recovery?

ARE BAREFOOT SHOES BENEFICIAL FOR ACTIVE RECOVERY? In the past few years, “recovery” has become a buzzword, as the need to take care of our well-being is paramount, whether you’re an athlete, a parent, an executive, or simply someone who appreciates comfort. Any product or service that helps us cope with daily stressors is now […]

A Barefoot Winter Boot Review in -29° C

A BAREFOOT WINTER BOOT REVIEW IN -29° C https://youtu.be/aMrFn8GwLU8?si=CRUN3_nXdEjhv-mQBorn To Run 2 Co-Author and Xero Shoes partner, Eric Orton put the Alpine to the test in harsh Wyoming winter conditions, with temperatures dipping to -29 °C. “The Alpine is the perfect balance of performance and protection, and I’ve been searching for a boot like this for […]

5 Footwear Style Trends That Will Rock in 2024

These Footwear Style Trends Will Rock 2024 5 Style Trends for 2024 Fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters alike eagerly anticipate the fresh wave of styles that will dominate the footwear scene in 2024. We’ve got an exclusive sneak peek into the hottest trends for 2024, straight from the experts: Kristina Funck, Xero Shoes’ talented Design Director, […]

Microdosing with Barefoot Shoes: What to Know

MICRODOSING WITH BAREFOOT SHOES: WHAT TO KNOW Do you find yourself constantly on your feet or on the move? Whether an athlete, a parent, a nurse, a teacher or anyone else, your feet are the unsung heroes of your daily grind. And they’re often neglected and constrained by conventional footwear. But there’s a unique approach […]

Easy Ways to Improve Your Fitness in 2024

EASY WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR FITNESS IN 2024 We asked fitness experts for achievable tips to elevate your fitness game this year. We’re not talking about extreme makeovers; we’re talking about small, sustainable changes that can make a big difference. Keep reading for expert tips on walking, running, workouts, and more. Your Fitness Experts Muscle […]

The Truth About America’s #1 Barefoot Shoe Brand

The Truth About America’s #1 Barefoot Shoe Brand. Are we barking mad for building a barefoot shoe brand? Go behind the scenes at the Xero Shoes “pawfice” with this hidden camera footage. WATCH HERE

A woman running down an open dirt road on a sunny day in her HFS IIs

Marathon Training Tips

Your Training Guide to Accomplish Your Marathon Goals, With Advice From Professional Running Coaches Training for a marathon is not easy, and takes dedication and perseverance.  Marathon training will become a full-time lifestyle change if you’re serious about improving your performance. Yes, you will run a lot, but you’ll also want to improve and optimize […]

Best Gifts For Fitness Lovers: Xero Shoes Guide

Best Gifts For Fitness Lovers: Xero Shoes Guide If your fitness-loving family and friends have it all, skip the ordinary gifts and give them barefoot shoes from Xero Shoes. Whether they like to lift weights, play pickleball, run or tackle bootcamps, you can surprise them with a barefoot fitness shoe for any activity. What makes […]