How I Built This

Xero Shoes on “How I Built This” Podcast

APPLE PODCASTS SPOTIFY AMAZON WONDERY Xero Shoes founders Steven Sashen and Lena Phoenix were recently featured on the immensely popular NPR podcast and radio show How I Build This, hosted by Guy Raz.  How I Built This dives deep into the origin stories of iconic brands, sharing how visionary entrepreneurs weather the trials and failures on the […]

The Press Can’t Get Enough of Xero Shoes’ Winter Boots

The Press Can’t get enough of xero shoes’ winter boots LIFESTYLENEWS – Dámské zimní zateplené boty Xero Shoes Alpine “Zimní přírodu si nyní můžete užít v zimních botách Xero Shoes Alpine. Už nemusíte obětovat přirozený pohyb a pohodlí, když teplota začne klesat a ve vzduchu začnou poletovat první sněhové vločky. Vaše nohy udrží v teple […]

Running y Trail features Xero Shoes’ new Styles

Running y Trail highlights Xero Shoes’ new Fall 2022 footwear lineup. Xero Shoes is a recently created American brand, since 2009 (in the European Union since the end of 2021), which only manufactures minimalist and 0-drop shoes and sandals, with the aim of bringing us closer to running in the most natural way possible, whether […]

Outdoor Industry Compass Highlights Xero Shoes’ Growth

Xero Shoes, a U.S. brand of minimalist – or “barefoot” – footwear, has expanded its presence in Europe after its initial launch in 2021. Retailers in Germany, Czech, Spain, Switzerland, Finland and Israel sell Xero Shoes, providing athletic and casual footwear styles for natural movement. Read the full story here.

Corredor Novedad | Xero Shoes

Corredor, a Spanish media outlet, features Xero Shoes’ new running and fitness shoes: the Forza Runner, Forza Trainer, and Mesa Trail II. The new r includes the Forza Runner, a sleek road running shoe; the Forza Trainer, a power and stability training shoe; the Mesa Trail II, a lightweight, upgraded trail running shoe. Each of […]

Harle Runner’s Review of Xero Shoes’ Z-Trek

Andrew of Harle Runner says after 5,000 miles the Xero Shoes’ Z-Trek have become his go-to barefoot sandal for running, hiking, trekking.  Watch the video for his review where he dives into the fit and feel of the Z-Trek for running. Read the full review at Harle Runner…