Outdoor Industry Compass Highlights Xero Shoes’ Growth

Xero Shoes, a U.S. brand of minimalist – or “barefoot” – footwear, has expanded its presence in Europe after its initial launch in 2021. Retailers in Germany, Czech, Spain, Switzerland, Finland and Israel sell Xero Shoes, providing athletic and casual footwear styles for natural movement. Read the full story here.

Corredor Novedad | Xero Shoes

Fundada en 2009, Xero Shoes fabrica calzado cómodo, ligero, de alto rendimiento, con un diseño “centrado en el pie“

Harle Runner’s Review of Xero Shoes’ Z-Trek

Andrew of Harle Runner says after 5,000 miles the Xero Shoes’ Z-Trek have become his go-to barefoot sandal for running, hiking, trekking.  Watch the video for his review where he dives into the fit and feel of the Z-Trek for running. Read the full review at Harle Runner…

maennerformat: Barfuß-Feeling auch im Winter

Sometimes less is simply more. This applies in particular to winter footwear. When it’s cold outside and floors are covered with snow and ice, we grab the heaviest winter boot in the closet. The sole? As thick as possible to protect your feet. However,  there’s a better way to keep your feet active in winter with barefoot shoes, like […]

Chris McDougall Wears Xero Shoes on New York TV

So many of us were inspired by Christopher McDougall‘s book, “Born to Run.” In fact, it sparked the barefoot, natural running movement. We’ve always been a big fan of Chris’, and it turns out, he’s a big fan of ours, sharing several social media posts about wearing Xero Shoes. We’re working with Chris and Eric […]

Forbes Chooses Xero Shoes’ Naboso Trail as Best Hiking Sandals

Forbes Vetted names Xero Shoes’ Naboso Trail as one of the “Best Minimalist Hiking Sandals”! In a roundup of  The 12 Best Hiking Sandals For Fairweather Treks, our Naboso Trail tops the list as the lightest sandal out there, at only 5.4 ounces each. “…This model not only offers a super thin, highly flexible outsole, […]