How to Adjust Xero Shoes Sandals for a Perfect Fit

To get a just-right fit for your sandals, follow the instructions below. And if you need more help, feel free to reach out to our Customer Happiness Team at [email protected].

For all of our sandals, you want to aim for “snug but comfortable.”

Z-Trek and Z-Trail sport sandals

Sport Sandals - Fitting Xero Shoes

Cloud, Genesis (and Venture) huarache-style thong sandals

Thong and Huarache Sandals - Fitting Xero Shoes

Veracruz sandal

Xero Shoes Veracruz fit instructions

Shortening the laces on the Cloud, Genesis (and Venture)

If you tighten your heel lacing and end up with “too much lace”, you can shorten the laces by following these instructions:

Shorten Laces on Xero Shoes Amuri Cloud & Venture