How I Built This

Xero Shoes on “How I Built This” Podcast

APPLE PODCASTS SPOTIFY AMAZON WONDERY Xero Shoes founders Steven Sashen and Lena Phoenix were recently featured on the immensely popular NPR podcast and radio show How I Build This, hosted by Guy Raz. How I Built This dives deep into the origin stories of iconic brands, sharing how visionary entrepreneurs weather the trials and failures on the […]

How to Winterproof Your Barefoot Shoes by Anya’s Reviews

Once you experience the freedom of barefoot shoes it’s hard to go back to your old pinchy boots. And even though there are practical barefoot winter boots available, depending on your environment it might not be quite enough.  I myself had a difficult time in extreme cold and ice before I learned a few hacks. […]

Gift Guide for Runners: Xero Shoes for Comfort and Performance

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the runner in your life? Whether they’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro, we’ve got some great gift ideas that any runner is sure to love. Whether runners want to train in the shoes or just wear them for off-days and active recovery, reviewers say Xero […]

Xero Shoes For All Types of Exercise

There is nothing like the feeling when you slip on your shoes to work out. Whether you’re getting ready to head to the gym for a sweaty session, or you’re taking the dog on your regular neighborhood walk, an enjoyable and comfortable workout starts feet first. So if you or a loved one are looking […]

The Sailing Munich Team Takes On The Croatian Coastal Cup

Xero Shoes supplied the Sailing Munich team with HFS for The Croatia Coastal Cup, a classic middle-distance sailing race. Xero Shoes supplied the Sailing Munich team with HFS for The Croatia Coastal Cup, a classic middle-distance sailing race. The Croatia Coastal Cup is a competition that takes place every three years together with the Austrian […]

Meet Xero Shoes’ Customer Happiness Team

Do you ever wonder who the people are behind Xero Shoes’ Customer Happiness Team? Whether you need help picking your favorite Xero Shoe to buy, or you’re looking for your order, our Customer Happiness Team is the front line between our customers and the rest of our team.  We have team members that have been […]

Customer’s Favorite Xero Shoes to Pack for Travel

Whether you’re heading to the mountains for a hike, escaping to a faraway beach or exploring a city on your bucket list, you need a travel-friendly shoe that’s versatile and comfortable, no matter where the day takes you. And due to their minimalist design, Xero Shoes are so lightweight they can bend in half, making them easily packable […]

Xero Shoes’ Top 3 Minimal Boots for Cool Weather

Cooler weather is finally here and it’s time to swap out your sandals for comfy, warm boots. Instead of turning to clunky boots that are hard to pack for fall travel or office wardrobe changes, or boots that pinch your toes together, consider Xero Shoes’ barefoot-inspired casual boots. Our boots are designed with a wide toe box […]

Can’t Find the Size, Color, or Style You Want? Here’s why…

We know that some people are upset because we may not have the size, or color, or style of the Xero Shoe that they want. Huge apologies. Clearly, it’s not our intention to run out of inventory and be unable to replace it in a timely manner. It’s happening for a few reasons, that I […]