A Barefoot Winter Boot Review in -29° C

A BAREFOOT WINTER BOOT REVIEW IN -29° C https://youtu.be/aMrFn8GwLU8?si=CRUN3_nXdEjhv-mQBorn To Run 2 Co-Author and Xero Shoes partner, Eric Orton put the Alpine to the test in harsh Wyoming winter conditions, with temperatures dipping to -29 °C. “The Alpine is the perfect balance of performance and protection, and I’ve been searching for a boot like this for […]

Microdosing with Barefoot Shoes: What to Know

MICRODOSING WITH BAREFOOT SHOES: WHAT TO KNOW Do you find yourself constantly on your feet or on the move? Whether an athlete, a parent, a nurse, a teacher or anyone else, your feet are the unsung heroes of your daily grind. And they’re often neglected and constrained by conventional footwear. But there’s a unique approach […]

Best Gifts For Fitness Lovers: Xero Shoes Guide

Best Gifts For Fitness Lovers: Xero Shoes Guide If your fitness-loving family and friends have it all, skip the ordinary gifts and give them barefoot shoes from Xero Shoes. Whether they like to lift weights, play pickleball, run or tackle bootcamps, you can surprise them with a barefoot fitness shoe for any activity. What makes […]

Best Shoes for the Outdoors for 2023

BEST SHOES FOR THE OUTDOORS FOR 2023 Feel great all day no matter what you’re doing in the best shoes, sandals, and boots for spring and summer adventures. Your version of “outdoors” might involve exploring different terrains, hiking a technical mountain, or relaxing by a campfire. Either way, you’ll enjoy it more in lightweight, foot-shaped […]


Father’s Day Gift Guide 2023: Best Shoes for Dad Here are two things we can pretty confidently say about men: They appreciate comfort Once they find something comfortable, they wear it… until it’s worn out A foot-friendly, durable pair of barefoot shoes fits the bill on both counts. No matter what activities he loves doing, naturally comfortable […]

tips keep shoes clean

Tips to Clean Your White Shoes

Use this three-step Xero Shoes-approved process to keep your shoes looking their best. No fancy equipment needed! If you have a brand new shoe and you want to give it the most dirt protection possible,  consider using a protectant spray like Jason Markk Shoe Protector Shoe Repellant Spray. Cleaning Advice Here’s how the designers and Customer […]

BOSU Ball creator’s favorite Xero Shoe?

David Weck, developed the BOSU ball and is all about helping people maximize their health and performance. What shoe does David, and his team at weckmethod.com wear? Check out the video, below, for the answer to that question plus his great (and FAST) advice on how to make the transition from a “normal” shoe to […]

Hiking for Health

Want to improve your health AND have fun? Take a hike! Hiking has significant health benefits. Here are just 5: Hiking on rugged trail surfaces is a natural way to engage your core muscles, Burn calories — Hiking on uneven terrain increases the amount of energy used by your body by 28 percent compared to […]