Xero Shoes Partners with Dignity Restoring Hope

There’s nothing worse than leaving your beloved home in pure fright. Through the Dignity Restoring Hope foundation, we were able to connect with Iryna and her young family of Ukrainian refugees. Introduce yourself, what is your name and how old are you? “My name is Iryna and I’m 30 years old.” Where are you from? […]

Family of 7 Wearing Xero Shoes

Family of 7 Treks the CDT in Xero Shoes

Imagine this: trekking the Continental Divide Trail which is over 3100 miles, or almost 5000 kilometers, with FIVE KIDS and a newborn baby! The Netteburg Family is making their way along the CDT, and we are lucky enough to sponsor them in Xero Shoes the entire way.  In 2020, the Netteburg Family trekked the Appalachian […]

Foot Care for Endurance Athletes

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet.” Khalil Gibran Of the 206 bones in your body, 52 are in your feet. Each and every one contributes to getting you to where you are going and is a potential major hindrance if not cared for. As a long distance, long term […]

Tips to Transition to Minimalist Running

There is an overwhelming amount of information available in the world today on how to best make the switch from regular padded or “supportive” footwear to minimalist footwear. The Xero Shoes team themselves have accumulated an amazing amount of great information and other tips on making the transition, but as a couple of ultra-marathon runners who […]