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A new winner selected every month! It could be YOU!

Our most popular sweepstakes from xeroshoes.com is now available on xeroshoes.eu! Each month, we randomly select a winner from all the entries received through our sweepstakes app month (either to the right of this message or below it, depending on how you’re visiting this page). There’s no cost to enter. Yes, you can enter every month. And, yes, you can increase the odds of winning by taking more actions. Check back during the first week of each month to see the newest winner! After you finish getting entries, check out our selection of naturally-inspired sandals and shoes that let you Live Life Feet First!

April 2023

May Sweepstakes Winner, Clau S.

Clau S… Enjoy your new favorite shoes!

April 2023

April Winner, Dmytro O.

Dmytro O… No fooling here!

March 2023


Abi T… It’s a great day to be a winner!

February 2023

Winner of our February Sweepstakes, Georgi K.

Georgi K… Hope you love your new shoes!

January 2023

January Sweepstakes Winner, Paulo A de V.

Paulo A… Happy New Year!

December 2022

December Sweepstakes Winner, Mossimo B.

Massimo B… Happy holidays!

November 2022

September Sweepstakes Winner, Dejan Juvan.

Dejan J… It’s a good day to be a winner!

October 2022

October Sweepstakes Winner, Erzsébet Bogyó.

Erzsébet B… All treat and no trick!

September 2022

September Sweepstakes Winner, Elvis Spahic, smiling.

Elvis S… Enjoy your new favorite shoes

August 2022

August Sweepstakes winner, Christoph P.

Christoph P… Grab some cool shoes for the summer heat

July 2022

July Sweepstakes Winner, Bakos Márk, smiling.

Márk B… CONGRATS on your big win!

June 2022

photo of the June Sweepstakes recipient

Guillaume R… It’s a good day to be a winner!

May 2022


Jade M… May you enjoy your winnings!

April 2022


Tomasz G… It’s a good day to be a winner!

March 2022


Claudio C… CONGRATS on your big win!

February 2022

IMG_20220209_214729 (1)

Grozev E… Enjoy your winnings!

January 2022


Congratulations to our very FIRST Sweepstakes winner, Christina D.
Happy New Year!