Best Gifts For Fitness Lovers: Xero Shoes Guide

Best Gifts For Fitness Lovers: Xero Shoes Guide If your fitness-loving family and friends have it all, skip the ordinary gifts and give them barefoot shoes from Xero Shoes. Whether they like to lift weights, play pickleball, run or tackle bootcamps, you can surprise them with a barefoot fitness shoe for any activity. What makes […]

Can Barefoot Shoes Help with Posture? What to Know

How Can Barefoot Shoes Help With Posture? Excellent posture is not just about your physical appearance – it’s a cornerstone of your long-term health. And believe it or not, the secret to achieving better posture lies beneath your feet. The footwear you choose can negatively impact your posture. The right type of shoes can help […]

Running for Mental Health

The benefits of running go far beyond physical health; Running can have a profound impact on our mental health and well-being. In fact, some avid runners may go as far to say “running is like free therapy”. We all hit challenges, setbacks, or losses in our lives. When these challenges occur, many turn to running […]

Best in Calves Contest

Vote for your favorite Calves below. Szilard Andre Kristof Michal Stevie Thomas Vote for your favorite Calves below. Hannah Jasmyn Karla Melinda Sara Jenny WINner gets A FREE PAIR OF XERO SHOES The calves with the most votes take home the grand prize – a FREE pair of Xero Shoes! Plus, they’ll earn the prestigious […]

Running Coach and Author Eric Orton’s Review of Scrambler Low

RUNNING COACH AND AUTHOR ERIC ORTON’S REVIEW OF SCRAMBLER LOW “The Scrambler Low performs exceptionally well on varying terrain, allowing me to go longer and stronger in a natural shoe.” -Coach Eric Orton DISCOVER THE SCRAMBLER MID

How should you pick the best weightlifting shoe?

HOW SHOULD YOU PICK THE BEST WEIGHTLIFTING SHOE? SELF recommends their top 10 picks, including Xero Shoes Forza Trainer, a 2023 SELF Sneaker Award winner. Experts back up the benefits of a zero-drop, minimal sneaker. Podiatric Surgeon Dr. Jared Gremillion, DPT, says “Stability is key for weightlifting footwear. Shoes made with sturdy materials and a stiff, […]

Fitness for Busy People: Finding Balance and Health

FITNESS FOR BUSY PEOPLE: FINDING BALANCE AND HEALTH In a recent episode of “The MOVEMENT Movement” podcast, fitness expert (and Xero Shoes Affiliate) Karl Bratland, talks to Xero Shoes CEO Steven Sashen about the challenges of aging and how people of different ages can meet their unique fitness needs and goals. While Karl specializes in […]

SELF Sneaker Award: Xero Shoes Forza Trainer

45 Testers 44 Brands 160 Shoes And…. Xero Shoes‘ Forza Trainer is a winner for the 2023 SELF Sneaker Awards as the Best Weightlifting Sneaker.   Why SELF loves it: “The most minimal shoe on this list, the Xero Forza Trainer focuses on one thing and one thing alone: keeping you stable and comfortable. As it should: Weightlifting shoes are usually best without any […]

HEALTH: Forza Trainer wins Best in Fitness Awards

HEALTH Magazine reviewed fitness gear, equipment, apps and shoes for their annual Best in Fitness Awards and Xero Shoes Forza Trainer wins as one of the best sneakers.  ACSM certified trainer and Xero Shoes fan, Aimee Nicotera, recommends the Forza Trainer. “These help people actually feel the ground and give the toes lots of space.” If […]